Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, I am finally getting to post my Christmas decor pictures. Yay! I still need to get some ribbon, but Zachery has been sick this week so my Hobby Lobby trip has been postponed. Poor li'l guy!

I couldn't believe it but I actually got Brandon to go with Zachery and I to cut fresh pine from the neighbors house. We had to hike a little bit, but the fresh air was so nice. I wish I could have gotten pictures but Brandon's phone died. We had a blast! Brandon said that I cut so much pine that I was going to make the tree bare. HA! I still would like to have more to decorate with but I don't think that I could get him to go with us again. 

Well I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures! Have a Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Oh, I just hate it when people get sick during the holidays. It makes it so hard. Fun to see all of your fun decor. Have a wonderful week (without a lot of stress!)

  2. Thank you! I am trying really hard not to be stressed. :) Hope you have a great week as well!